Eco-Friendly Vegan Shave Kit
Eco-Friendly Vegan Shave Kit

Carr Greens

Eco-Friendly Vegan Shave Kit

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EFFECTIVE natural ingredients

Our Eco-Friendly Vegan Shave Kit is the perfect gift, offering a cruelty-free, chemical-free, aerosol-free and plastic-free traditional shaving experience.

It contains a beautiful eco-friendly porcelain shaving bowl, a wooden vegan-friendly shaving brush and a Triple Pack of our Carr Greens Fragrance-Free Natural Shave Bars.

The 18cm pebble-style shaving bowl is ideal for whipping up a lovely lather with our Carr Greens Natural Shave Bars. The vegan shaving brush is soft and guilt free.

Shave Bar Ingredients

Ingredients: Sodium cocoate (derived from Coconut Oil), Sodium olivate (derived from Olive Oil), Aqua, Sodium castorate (from Castor Oil), Hydrogenated soybean oil, Kaolin (Clay), Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) leaf juice powder

Directions: Lather with the shave brush and apply to your face, head or wherever you want to shave.

Please note: shave bar packaging may differ slightly from the main image - see second image for details.

Sustainability & Sourcing

Shave Bar ingredients are all naturally derived from plant sources from around the world via sustainable producers. No Carr Greens products are tested on animals. Carr Greens packaging is all recyclable and avoids plastic wherever possible.

Formulated and manufactured in Cheshire, Lancashire & Yorkshire, United Kingdom