FAQ & Product Information

About Natural Products

What are natural products and how are they different?

Natural products are formulated to only use natural ingredients or naturally derived ingredients. They avoid the use of petro-chemicals and man-made substances that are not found in nature. This is important to ensure that we don't expose our bodies to any substances that may subsequently prove to be bad for us.

All Carr Greens products are made from naturally derived ingredients - we believe this is a crucial part of making a contribution to sustainability.

What do you keep out of Carr Greens products?

As well as only using naturally derived ingredients in Carr Greens products, we also avoid any substances which may be associated with long term health issues, or at the very least have created a cause for concern. These include:

- alcohol
- parabens
- aluminium

We also seek to use sustainable ingredients wherever possible, and to limit distance travelled of ingredients wherever we can. 

What does ‘naturally derived’ actually mean?

Ingredients that form naturally in nature, or are extracted from naturally occurring substances. 

What are the issues behind the ingredients?

There are very few ingredients which don't present questions or issues on their sourcing or sustainability. We are dedicated to avoid the worst offending and non-natural substances in Carr Greens products. In the spirit of full transparency we have set out in more details some of the key ingredients, why we have used them and any issues that may arise from their production or use: 

Read more about our natural ingredients.


About Sustainability

What are sustainable products?

Sustainable products are those intended to materially limit the amount of the Earths resources in the manufacture, use and disposal. All products use energy and materials in their creation - but we could consider them sustainable if they make a significant effort to reduce this and/or are less resource intensive than common alternatives. There is no definitive definition of what is or isn't sustainable, so we will describe in more detail why we consider Carr Greens items to be sustainable or more sustainable than common alternatives. 

Packaging & recycling Carr Greens

First and foremost Carr Greens avoids plastic wherever possible in the manufacture of containers and packaging. This is frequently not 100% possible but we are eliminating it where we can. 

We have more details about what materials we use and how we try to reduce resources and increase recyclability.   

How are Carr Greens products sustainable?

We choose packaging which avoids almost all plastic and can be almost entirely recycled. We try to limit the use of processes which compromise the recyclability of the product. 


About Carr Greens

All about Carr Greens

You can read all about Carr Greens here.

Where can I buy Carr Greens?

Carr Greens is available from this website primarily. We also sell through a number of local stores and community groups. Our list of local suppliers is [coming soon].


Subscription Questions

How do I subscribe for a Carr Greens product?

You can browse our subscription products here. Once you have selection which you require, you can select how frequently you'd like a delivery (between 1 and 6 months). You'll get a discount for the first delivery and then a permanently lower price for each subscription you receive - forever!

Logging in to manage my subscription

When you first subscribed you may have created an account to log back in and manage your details. If this is the case, simply enter your email & password on the login page to access your account. 

Often when a subscription is taken out, the account setup process is not completed (it's not mandatory). If this is the case, select Create Account on the login page. Enter the email address you used to subscribe, and complete the rest of the details. You will be sent an email to confirm your account credentials, and then you will be able to login to manage your subscription. 

How do I change my subscription?

Once you are logged in you should select the Manage Subscription link under the Account Details heading. From here you can alter your subscription, pause or cancel.  

Can I pause my subscription?

If you need to pause your subscription you can login and do so from your account. Follow the instructions above to get logged in and onto the Manage Subscription page. Under the Subscription Status title you have a link to Pause Subscription. 

How do I change the date of my next delivery?

If you need to change the delivery date of your subscription you can login and do so from your account. Follow the instructions above to get logged in and onto the Manage Subscription page. At the very top under the item title the next delivery date is shown with a link next to it to Change date - select this to change your date. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you need to change the cancel subscription you can login and do so from your account. Follow the instructions above to get logged in and onto the Manage Subscription page. From there select the Cancel Subscription option near the bottom of the page.